Yanique D.
Mother’s Retirement Celebration & Office Styling

Reminiscing that a year ago we were knee deep in planning my mom’s retirement party. You made something that seemed so overwhelming at first, possible..doable..even better than I imagined. It was a night my mother will never forget. And my experience of working with you and you guiding my vision into something real and bringing it to fruition was incredible. Thank you so much! I can’t wait for my next event with you.

Dajuan & Kim W.
Parents & Sponsor
Caleb’s Sweet 16

 Words can’t express the day you made for my daughter Caleb’s Sweet 16 party at Bourbon Street Restaurant. She will forever remember how you transformed that room into a place for a Princess! You are truly a woman of CLASS! You made my life so easy in this process. You kept reminding me two things: this is Caleb’s Day! What does she want. That was a blessing to hear, and what all mom’s need to hear to remind me to hear my daughter and her wishes. And the next thing you said was, You Got this! Your time management is so on point, you amazed every other vendor that played apart in Caleb’s day, with your timeline and the follow up on how things should flow, to your powerful presence of Authority and Grace!! God Bless You!!! Thank you for the precious memories we will forever have of Caleb’s Sweet 16 birthday on July 2, 2016. Kim, Dajuan and Caleb Williams

Julie K. E.
Writer & Brand Strategist
Attendee of “An Afternoon Retreat”

Today was the best. I attended a one day retreat from sisters of all walks of professional life. These women were strong, humble, and empowered. It’s important to have good friends who can influence and usher you into a room full of the affluent.

I learned so much about how we as women can be afraid but make steps that not only bring increase to your life; but encourage our sister to step out on faith. Always keep your good friends: You know the ones who are so far out of your realm that they make you step up to where they are.

Never throw shade over their success. Simply learn…you never know where you’ll end in life.

Carol M. K.
CEO of Creative Success Business Center
Attendee of “An Afternoon Retreat”

Awesome, First Class, Beautiful, Special. This is the best way to describe “THIS IS THE DAY” and how Michelle and he staff makes you feel. I felt so special and blessed at the Afternoon Retreat I attended. Monique with Lifesyle Statement, and the powerful guest speaker Tonya Kerry, also made the event great. It was a beautiful experience.

Monique A.
Founder of Lifestyle Statement & Owner of “Walk In Closet”
Lifestyle Statement – Pop Up Shop

THIS IS THE DAY” has been Incredible to work with!! I expressed my vision to Michelle and she ran with it, bringing it to life in the most beautiful way. Michelle went above and beyond to prepare the set for my launch invitation as well as my launch party. She helped to create the atmosphere and wonderful experience at LIFESTYLE STATEMENTS POP UP SHOP. She is such a pleasure to work with, professional, and caring. Everyone who attended the event cannot stop talking about the experience….I am extremely happy and cannot wait to work with “THIS IS THE DAY” on future projects!

Tabitha M.
Business and Lifestyle Coach
Tabitha & Baron’s 10th Wedding Anniversary

I will never forget the day I was introduced to “THIS IS THE DAY”.  My husband and I were coming upon our 10th year wedding anniversary and had no special plans; and at that time very little money.  After speaking to the owner of “THIS IS THE DAY” not only did she calm my nerves but she really set my spirit at rest.  We decided I would surprise my husband with an intimate dinner for two, but, boy was I in for a huge surprise…  We were given an elegant dining experience yet they still managed to keep it very intimate. The grandeur of the setting and refined service made my husband and I feel like “Royalty” that entire evening.  The décor was lit with beautiful white candles from the door to dining table.  We were served creative dishes that shared a menu with traditional specialties all within an ambiance of genuine “Love and Spirit Filled”.
Since then we have had the pleasure of attending several events hosted by “THIS IS THE DAY” and their consistent commitment to perfection is unparalleled.   I can assure you that it is one unique, memorable and joyous experience that you will remember and cherish for a “Lifetime”!!!

Chaplain Cathy R. W.
Cancer Survivor, Advocate & Certified Marriage Mentor
Harry’s 65th Birthday Dinner

When I was in the process of planning my husband’s 65th birthday party, I was up and down because I wanted it to be so special that he would never forget it,  and that it would be the talk of all parties. Then again, I did not want it to be big at all.  I felt led to have those whose lives were impacted by him, as well as those who affected him in some way. This party could have still been big, but I had a limited budget and resources at the time.  Talking to Tanya of THIS IS THE DAY, expressing my heart’s desire for my husband and the love I had for him, the kind of party I wanted; I remember her saying “let’s make it happen”.

EVERYTHING was Done in total EXCELLENCE!!!!

The day of the party, was AMAZING!!!!  It left the guest speechless and they still talk about his party to this day. The decor was off the chain. Even down to the black and white theme in the invitations and guest colors. Everyone loved the idea.

When my husband walked in to the party He was in total SHOCK.  He said “everyone here at my party I liked”. That’s hilarious but that is how much time Tanya helped me put into this party. That says a lot about her heart and how much she wants to help make an event SPECIAL for whomever it is. She works with a Spirit of Excellence all the way through.

A friend of ours even said, “IT WAS TASTEFULLY DONE”. This is a friend that we highly respect their opinion.

So if you want to engage in an experience, THIS IS THE DAY Event Planning & Design is your company. You cannot go wrong.   You will be blessed beyond measure.  I would recommend THIS IS THE DAY in a heartbeat.  She is also very very patient and will work with you like no other.

God bless you Tanya and all that you put your hands to will be Blessed!!

Chaplain Cathy R. W.
Women Of Faith – One On One OutReach

Bernice and Kushmir S.
Parents & Sponsor
Zakiya’s 25th Birthday Bash

The event was given at “Chateau Salik.”  We decided to go with Tanya (Michelle )Debose’s expertise in interpreting the birthday girl’s ideas and how we should proceed.  From the setting up and decorating of the white tent with bar-height seating, to the laid-back, sophisticated white lounges for guests to relax on; it was classy and beautiful.The colors of the flowers ( roses) tangerine and pink,  chosen by the birthday girl – carried throughout the tent area, while the roses were placed in large vases on tables and others areas.  The arrangement of the flowers was beyond the typical look.  Mrs. Debose also worked her magic on arranging our catering with some great Spanish food. Zakiya’s friends were really impressed and made comments on how excellent and beautiful the Chateau Salik birthday bash was.  They also wanted to know when was the next party!! THIS IS THE DAY will always be our recommendation for any event.  She has what I call the “3Ps”:  Personality,  Professionalism and Perfection.The only question you will be asking yourself is what is she going to do to outshine any future event she does for you!!!!