You’re the girl everyone’s checking out. 

You’ve got a style that’s all your own and you’re workin’ it! Even on a bad hair day, you’ve managed to pull off that funky baseball cap as a winner! However, when the day is done and you step in that door, your place is a straight snooze-fest and you’re over it!

Welcome to Destination My Place!

Do you love spending time with friends & family, but you dread inviting them over? Need to liven things up, but don’t plan on doing a major tear-down? Want your personal space to match your fabulous style? We’ll leave the walls in tact, and transform any room in your home into a destination you look forward to coming home to.

At This Is The Day, 

we understand that your home is your haven, or at least it should be. We’ll get you there. Through a series of conversations, inspiration boards and a few home visits, you’ll be inviting guests over in no time!


Our Interior Services Include:





Mood & Sample Board

You’re a master at Pinterest, but now what? You’ve got a million pictures on your inspiration board and you’re no closer to that dream room. We’ll help you narrow your focus to what truly suits your personal style.









Product Sourcing

We want this experience to be as carefree as possible for you. Plus, we can think of several other much more fun things you could be doing with your time, so leave all the shopping to us!










Ta-da! You wrote the vision, made it plain, and we ran with it! Now step on into your dream room that’s much more functional, beautiful and makes you feel like your best self! #destinationmyplace











THIS IS THE DAY” has been Incredible to work with!! I expressed my vision to Michelle and she ran with it, bringing it to life in the most beautiful way. Michelle went above and beyond to prepare the set for my launch invitation as well as my launch party. She helped to create the atmosphere and wonderful experience at LIFESTYLE STATEMENTS POP UP SHOP. She is such a pleasure to work with, professional, and caring. Everyone who attended the event cannot stop talking about the experience….I am extremely happy and cannot wait to work with “THIS IS THE DAY” on future projects!

Monique A.
Lifestyle Statement – Pop Up Shop


Our simple, no fuss process

Step One: Client Profile Form
Fill out our client profile form to help us get to know you better
Step Two: Schedule
Schedule a Complimentary site visit – Where we’ll take measurements and document your needs and desires for the space.
Step Three: Estimate
Once we have visited your site and learned all about your vision, we’ll then provide you with a written estimate and payment structure for your room-over or home event.
Step Four: Downpayment & Mood Board
Upon estimate approval, your first downpayment is made and mood/sample board will be created.
Step Five: We start creating the Destination of your Dreams
Once we receive sign-off on your mood/sample board, we begin sourcing your items and creating the destination and/or event of your dreams.

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