At This Is The Day, we thrive on providing our clients with exceptional service. We also hold fast to the principle that we do not grow in isolation; we grow in community.


It is in that vein that we created the TITD Community!

Are you looking for a safe, fun environment to learn, grow and blossom in? Could you use a break from your usual routine of getting up, running off to work and coming home only to do it all over again? Are you a new entrepreneur, or on the verge, but you need that extra push to get going? Or maybe, you just need to get away for a day and RELAX? Then This Is The Day to get engaged with our TITD Community and stay informed as we share dates for our intimate events (no huge crowds to get lost in), one-day getaways, motivational moments and just old-fashioned good advice.

Did I mention that we’re huge huggers? Nothing but love over here!